First blog post

Hey, I'm king dylbag. This blog isnt going to have a theme because knowing me it'll change but it's going to start off as a manga blog and we'll see what happens.


Comic Girls Episode 2

I'm just going to say it. They need to take out pink girl and make Tsubasu the main character. I liked the first half of this episode, nothing better than going to the good old art supply shop! But then they went to high school............ Have I mentioned that I hate pink girl? She's supposed … Continue reading Comic Girls Episode 2

Day 20: A Favourite Female Character

When I saw today's post subject i knew immediately who I would talk about. This girl is one of the strongest, smartest, scariest and most beautiful anime girls that you could imagine. That's right, I'm talking about Pipimi! Ha gotcha! In all seriousness, I really like Pipimi (and Popuko too). She's a simple character that … Continue reading Day 20: A Favourite Female Character

Day 16: A Series That Needs A Continuation

This post actually took me a while to find. A series that I thought needed to go on because luckily, most series that I've read end alright. But one series that didn't even end properly, one of my favourite manga series is... Mob Psycho 100. Lots of people sadly don't know this series or only … Continue reading Day 16: A Series That Needs A Continuation

Day 15: An Underrated Series

Okay, I haven't read any underground manga because I'm still reading all the classics and mainstream series because everyday I see a classic series that I need to get around to reading. But one series that kind of mainstream, doesn't get as much attention as it deserves and that is Toriko. I know that a … Continue reading Day 15: An Underrated Series