Day 15: An Underrated Series

Okay, I haven’t read any underground manga because I’m still reading all the classics and mainstream series because everyday I see a classic series that I need to get around to reading.

But one series that kind of mainstream, doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves and that is Toriko.

I know that a lot of people know this series but I don’t think that it gets anywhere near the attention it deserves.

It’s the best food manga that I have read. The art is amazing, great story, no slow parts, no fanservice, just very manly, funny action and cooking.

If you haven’t read this then please do. But no matter what DON’T WATCH THE ANIME! It’s really not good so don’t even bother.


This is another series that will be part of my manga collection one day (I’ve got volume 23 already) so look out for that!

What’s an underrated series that you love or even hate?


16 thoughts on “Day 15: An Underrated Series

  1. Yeah, Toriko’s definitely a blast. It probably has one of the greatest climaxes in all of Shonen Jump so you’ll definitely enjoy that a lot. I like the idea of a world where the monsters are actually really high tier as opposed to just being fodder for the heroes.

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  2. I think my favorite underrated anime series is Angel heart. I haven’t really read any manga that fall in this category for me, though Angel heart does have a manga. It’s really sad when a lot of people over look something that you think is great.

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  3. Imo Watamote is underrated, but that’s because most people can’t stand the cringe humor. Kare Kano takes the cake because it’s an amazing rom-com that is almost never talked about in the mainstream. Both of these anime aren’t even an 8 on MAL, which is a tragedy imo.

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