WTF Wordpress???

Hi everyone, I’m sorry that my first proper post when I’ve just returned is an annoyed one but I’m just sick of this!

So I was writing up a review for this Saturday then I stopped to have dinner. After eating dinner I came back and continue writing but on my tablet instead of my phone.


But then, I went to my room and watched an episode of anime. After that I decided to do some more writing before going to sleep.


I look in horror to see that half of my post is gone. Come on. My first thought was did I not save it? But I always do, it’s habit now and if you leave the post it automatically saves.

So what happened to my post??? That’s my question.

With the Spamfiltergeddon happening all over WordPress at the moment, I think everyone is pretty fed up with them already so I hope this has only happened to me.

I’m going to start writing a new post for Saturday because WordPress made me lose all of my motivation to write the one I was talking about.

I also think I’m going to start writing my posts on Google Docs then just pasting them here on WordPress. This is the only way I can think of avoiding the issue without switching platforms which I really don’t want to do.

I think this post isnt an annoyed but more sad as I was really happy with the post I had written. I hope WordPress sorts their issues out and as soon as possible.

Also, I’d just like to apologize as I don’t like writing posts like this.


30 thoughts on “WTF Wordpress???

  1. I never trusted drafting on a mobile device because of 1) Fingers are too fat; 2) Formatting doesn’t work very well; 3) I can’t read what I write properly.
    I’ve been writing on wordpress on pc all these while and it has been fine so far (hopefully I don’t jinx it), but yea you definitely should go for an alternative writing site or offline notepad application while on mobile.
    Hope it doesn’t mess up your writing anymore!

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  2. Yeah this has almost happened to me, like I leave something in the editor and it says “last saved 2 hours ago” and it’s really annoying. I think to make it autosave you just have to check it’s saved and if not do edits until it does. I don’t know how to force an autosave or if you could even save it manually.

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  3. dude its all good. you don’t need to apologize. i’ve had this shit happen to before, like when a freakin doc doesn’t save and then deletes and reverts back to the state it was in like 6 months previously. it was fucking INSANE! i was writing a freakin story and it was very disheartening. but yeah… everybody goes through this. don’t feel shitty for posting it. i hope you can write something equally awesome, or even better than what you had.

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  4. Thats super annoying! I am so sorry that happened to you! Hopefully enough people have reported the issues that wordpress will fix them (I’m assuming they even have a way to report issues?) I have been having more of people’s comments caught in my spam filter. I appreciate that the spam filter catches the bad stuff but it sucks that so many real comments are being sent there too!

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  5. I had this happen to me once, and it was so incredibly annoying. I really don’t know what is currently going on with WordPress but there are way too many issues. You are not wrong about Spamfiltergeddon. I have been having problems all day…not on every blog but quite a lot of them. It takes the fun out of blogging. There really is no need to apologise though: it totally sucks to have a great post just disappear into thin air. All I know is knowing you, you will probably write an even better one 😊

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    1. Woo! This comment wasn’t in spam!!!!

      I dont know when it happened but WordPress released an update and now things are how they are now. Do they know about all the issues or can they just not be bothered? That’s what I want to know.

      Yeah, Im not sure what to write about now but im sure I’ll whip something up!

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      1. Well that’s it: when someone recovers a comment that went to the spamfilter, that pretty much resolves the issue…at least for a while that is.
        I really don’t know either..but I do plan to do something about it by contacting them. If they respond I will let you know 😊
        I pretty much know that whatever it will be, it’s going to be a cool post to read 😀

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  6. The same thing happened to me but it was only a paragraph and I was about to change it anyway. It’s definitely frustrating. It’s probably better to switch to google docs for now.

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  7. I always type mine up in word for fear of this exact same thing.

    I used to type it in an e-mail at work on my break and send it to myself. WordPress and g-mail formatting don’t get along, though 😂

    Hope this doesn’t happen again.

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  8. Wow that sucks! 😮 I’m glad I’ve never had that happen to me. But yeah, it would be safer to wrote on Google docs or something because having a post you’re writing just dissappear on you sounds really frustrating.

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  9. If you write on a device it sometimes saves locally. You have to upload it fully to the “cloud” network. Or if that doesn’t work then look at your “history” and you may have load an old version of your save. (if that makes any sense.)


      1. Yes. It would say local changes. But, If you can’t see it then check your history.. I can’t see where that is on my phone, but if you go on goodreads on a computer, I think it’s up near the save botton. (of course I’m not at home… 😕)

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