What I’ve Watched August 2018

Another month down and I've watched even more anime. Like last time, I'm just going to be talking about what anime I've seen and whether I liked them or not. Anime: Konosuba season 1,2 and 2 OVA's Ive been meaning to watch this for so long and I'm glad that I finally did. I've mentioned … Continue reading What I’ve Watched August 2018


What I’m Watching Fall 2018

Hi everyone, welcome to what I'll be watching. This is where I'm going to look at next seasons shows, movies, OVAs etc. And tell you what I'll be watching. Anime: Sword Art Online: Alicization You may be thinking "why would you watch this seeing as I don't like SAO?". The answer to that is, I … Continue reading What I’m Watching Fall 2018

CALLING ALL ANIME BLOGGERS AND FANS! WE WANT YOU! Click this post for more details…because you know you want to :P

What a great idea! Everyone knows that Crunchyroll have no idea what they’re doing but us bloggers sort of do. Make sure you all join in when the time comes!


Gooood morning my pandas! It is currently 11:00 am in the lovely state of Oregon and I am ready to go!!!

Y’all are probably wondering what the heck I’m up to huh? Well I’ll tell you! Raistlin and I were having a little chat the other day and we came up with a pretty extensive project…but we need YOUR help! As most of you guys in the blogging community know the Crunchyroll Anime Awards for 2017 were pretty fucking garbage. To say I was disappointed by the results is an understatement.

Some time ago Raistlin and I thought, “Hey…why not make an awards panel of our own?” We played around with the idea for a bit after the results for the Crunchyroll Awards made an appearance but I didn’t think anything of it…UNTIL NOW.

Now I am reaching out to you my pandas! We are holding a so called…

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